Get to know our all-star team

The staff at our office truly enjoy their jobs and and working together -- it's evident in all of our interactions together. That translates directly to an environment that puts our patients at ease and makes them feel welcome. The camaraderie we've built with each other over the years isn't easily replicated, which is why our existing patients are the greatest source  or new patient referrals for our office!

Nicole Proctor website


Capable, sensitive and caring, she is ideal for her job. Although she is often a behind the scenes , she is also sometimes the first person you will see at the door or the voice you will hear on the phone. She helps to maintain the course as the face of the practice. Nicki loves shabby chic and transforming furniture…and the color pink.



Marina has worked on all kinds of teeth, from Canines to molars as a former Vet-Tech and knows formal ballet training too. She is precise and seeks accuracy. Being naturally competitive, she wants you to be too as she strives for perfect technique with infectious enthusiasm. Marina received her RDH degree from Cape Cod Community College.


Lauren Website


Certified Dental Assistant and leading in assists, Lauren makes each dental appointment a home run. Lauren is a dog lover - she has two, Jaxon and Deter. Lauren’s super power is being an especially thoughtful and careful listener. Don’t mistake her listening for shyness…she’ll steal a base or two when you're not expecting it. Lauren is a graduate of Massasoit Community College.